Friday, October 12, 2007

in costumes

first of all, thanks to everyone for coming out to the derby and the echo. both were great shows. it's really nice going to LA because you can play a show on a tuesday or wednesday night and people actually come. but i did get made fun of for wearing a lily allen pin. heyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa. you win some and you lose some.

while we were in town we stopped by ABC studios where our buddy cisco works. we dropped by the lost island to say hi to ben and jacob (!), but mainly we were there to try on some new gear:

bottom of the hill with FILM SCHOOL tomorrow - be there.

-the morning benders

ps: check out what the good folks at stereogum have to say:

pps: download the new radiohead album.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


friends and family,

we are going to be in LA again this next coming week, playing two (COUNT EM), TWO shows. one for the men and women that are all grownzed up (21+) and one for the future america (18+). here's the info, tell your friends:

10/09/2007 TUESDAY
09:00 PM - The Derby (21+)
4500 Los Feliz Blvd
Hollywood, California
Description:PAR-TAY! but really what else do you need to know? ITS 2 DOLLARS!!!!!!!! we play at 9:30pm. w/ Canon, Cavil at Rest, We Barbarians!

10/10/2007 WEDNESDAY
08:00 PM - The Echo (18+)
w/ Taylor (of Simon Dawes), Rumspringa
Echo Park, California
Description:we play at 9:45pm!

click below for full version of flier, please repost it wherever you like!

-the morning benders