Thursday, January 31, 2008


here's an mp3 of "crosseyed." this is the first track we're giving out from the album. it's the 5th track on the album. hope you enjoy it.

download "crosseyed" here
(right click and save as)

here's the beautiful cover by kyle lee (click to enlarge):

the morning benders

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ye olde blog

HEY!! How are you? I'm pretty good. Just got back from down south in bro-cal. It was an awesome trip. Pretty productive too. We filmed our first music video and played two badical shows!! The first show was in a little town called Pioneertown in the desert of Joshua tree. I guess it was origianally built as a set for old western movies. Everyone there was really awesome they even gave us free dinner and put us up in a motel room! The 2nd show was in LA at the Silverlake Lounge with We Barbarians!! They're an amazing band we'll be seeing them pretty soon when we play with them at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa!!

well, here are some Pics i took of the trip. ENJOY!

36 pack of Dr Pepper helped us stay up all night
we made a new friend

Oh there it is!

that's backwards, dude.

ye olde motel.

Ye olde silver thing

ye old africanized bees

ye olde boulders

Ye olde oaklande hat. Shoppe keep told me it was 10.99 so i didn't buy it.

Peace homies

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a reminder

well i've been listening to this band for a long time, and all the sudden this is one of my favorite songs by them. it first hit me when we were driving to la in the van, and the song was playing while i was half asleep in the passenger seat. FUNNY HOW IT WORKS OUT LIKE THAT. i've been listening to it on repeat, pretty much exclusively, for the last week or so. it comes from the airbag/how am i driving? ep, which is splendid. scraps from the ok computer sessions, so good, i'm sure you already have it...

"a reminder" by radiohead

been getting some funny rad libs, we'll give you guys a bit more time before we pick winners though. here's one in the meantime, click to enlarge:

Monday, January 14, 2008

how to let go

hey kids,

sorry for the lack of activity on here, we were in LA the past week or so. played a show at viper room on monday, beauty bar in san diego on wednesday, and spaceland on thursday. that was our first time playing in san diego, and our friend kari showed us around to all the hot spots. inspiration point, and the 24 hour mexican restaurant where all the crackheads eat. san diego was a lot of fun, but maybe that was since we were hanging out with kari, because i hear san diego sucks. LA was blastastic as usual. thanks to everyone for coming out! it's a joy being able to play more shows in LA, since you can't really play more than once a month in the bay. starting to see some familiar faces out there, which makes us very happy. we also got to take some pics with our homie hadas. hopefully we'll have some of those up soon... at home for a week, then we're heading back out to LA for a couple more shows and to work on some videos. more info on that soon.

onward and upward... i came across this old demo the other day, and since i doubt we are ever going to use it, i thought we'd post it on here. parts of it sort of resurfaced in our song "crosseyed," so you might notice some similarities. i'm going to start posting stuff more on mediafire (is this the best site for doing this?), since files tend to get lost on our ftp.

"how to let go" media fire link:

here's a picture of joe in san diego:

Sunday, January 6, 2008

rad libs contest!


you may have noticed this "rad lib" on our myspace page, and wondered "what the hell is that?" well, it's just that, a rad lib" but more importantly to you guys, it's a chance to win some free stuff. all you have to do is fill out the rad lib, just like you would a mad lib. take a picture of it, or scan it, and send it to us at write whatever you want. go wild. we'll pick the best ones, post them on our page, and send you a free copy of our soon-to-be-released 7 inch for "waiting for a war," and 2 tickets to our next show in your city (where ever that may be)!!

without further ado:

click to enlarge:

Friday, January 4, 2008

LA ba ba