Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ye olde blog

HEY!! How are you? I'm pretty good. Just got back from down south in bro-cal. It was an awesome trip. Pretty productive too. We filmed our first music video and played two badical shows!! The first show was in a little town called Pioneertown in the desert of Joshua tree. I guess it was origianally built as a set for old western movies. Everyone there was really awesome they even gave us free dinner and put us up in a motel room! The 2nd show was in LA at the Silverlake Lounge with We Barbarians!! They're an amazing band we'll be seeing them pretty soon when we play with them at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa!!

well, here are some Pics i took of the trip. ENJOY!

36 pack of Dr Pepper helped us stay up all night
we made a new friend

Oh there it is!

that's backwards, dude.

ye olde motel.

Ye olde silver thing

ye old africanized bees

ye olde boulders

Ye olde oaklande hat. Shoppe keep told me it was 10.99 so i didn't buy it.

Peace homies