Thursday, July 23, 2009

selected for BBC radio 2 thingy, VOTE FOR US!~

hey kiddos,

we were selected for this radio 2 thing on the BBC, and you guys can vote to get us in regular rotation! kind of amazing. just click the web email form to send them a note and tell them you're voting for "DAMNIT ANNA." thanks for voting homies, we love you!

the morning benders

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sinatra Cover, Damnit Anna UK Single

Today iTunes is releasing "His Way, Our Way," a collection of Frank Sinatra covers. We had the honor of covering "Strangers In The Night" for it, and you can get it right here, right now:


Also, the "Damnit Anna" single will (finally) be released in the UK on August 17th. It'll come with 2 b-sides, "Morning Fog" and "Worth The Fight." Sorry for the delay guys, but we haven't forgotten about you! We even have some shows over in your neck of the woods in August. We love yall.

the morning benders