Thursday, July 31, 2008

do you believe in voodoo?

even though our new portland friends heidi & jordin couldn't get into our last show there, they brought us a box of voodoo donuts from next door. and here's the proof. thanks for making our night!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the bedroom covers

ok everyone, here it is. what we're calling the bedroom covers- a free album of covers we did in our apartment. our little thank you to everyone for all the love and support you given us over the last couple of months. a big special thanks to all the blogs who posted tracks this last week, and kyle lee for the beautiful artwork.

...and without further ado, here's the tracklist. you can download the album as a whole below. thanks everyone, we love you all!

the bedroom covers:
1. crying - roy orbison
2. mother and child reunion - paul simon
3. why dont they let us fall in love? - the ronettes
4. lovefool - the cardigans
5. i won't share you - the smiths
6. he's a rebel - the crystals
7. marie - randy newman
8. fools rush in - johnny mercer/rube bloom
9. temptation inside your heart - velvet underground
10. dreams - fleetwood mac
11. pull up the roots - talking heads
12. caroline, no- beach boys remix (bonus track)
12.5 why don't they let us fall in love? (live daytrotter version!)

love yall,
the morning benders

Friday, July 18, 2008

daytrotter, live@lime, myspacetv, GOOD, el rey

hey everyone!

we are knee deep in the bedroom covers, i know. we will keep everyone updated on those. there will be another one posted today on a blog, see if you can find it before i put it up here. on another note, here is some more exciting stuff happening right now.

-our favorite site, daytrotter, posts 5 free songs we did at their studio. check it:

-MyspaceTV featured a video VIMBY made at our puma in-store acoustic show. if you missed that show, this one captures the vibe. here ya go:
myspace tv - vimby video - puma in-store!

-we did a really interesting session at the limewire studio in brooklyn, during the kooks tour. the benders like you've never heard them before!!@#$ you can only get this from limewire, SO check itt:
live @ lime

-the GOOD block party is this weekend (SUNDAY) in sf (see flier below). it's gonna be a happening time, so don't miss out!

-we are coming back to LA in a couple weeks. THE EL REY on August 7th. SEE YOU THERE HOMESLICES!

the morning benders

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Bedroom Covers - FREE COVERS ALBUM


Mother & Child Reunion (Paul Simon) mp3 via:

He's A Rebel (The Crystals) mp3 via:
Pull Up The Roots (Talking Heads) mp3 via:
Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
Lovefool (The Cardigans)
Marie (Randy Newman)
Temptation Inside Your Heart (Velvet Underground)


- DAYTROTTER just posted our session. One of our favorite sites around... If you haven't been there, you should go check it out ASAP. It's a really great site that does live sessions with bands, and posts a bunch of FREE SONGS for download. We did 5 songs, 2 that you haven't heard anywhere else. Head over there now and download them for FREE, and be sure to drop a line and tell the nice dudes what you think.


pps: it also happens to have a cover song on it!!! IT ALL CONNECTS!!



hey kids,

have we told you lately that we love you? well in case you didn't already know, here's a bunch of free covers we've put together over the last few months. you can get it all FREE. that's right, no charge. they are someone else's songs after all...

we're calling them "the bedroom covers," and they'll be put up track by track, on a bunch of our favorite blogs around town. next week when they've posted them all, we'll put up all of the tracks here, and some of our older covers too, so you'll have a whole album of covers!

Here is the tracklist...

Mother & Child Reunion (Paul Simon)
Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
He's A Rebel (The Crystals)
Lovefool (The Cardigans)
Marie (Randy Newman)
Pull Up The Roots (Talking Heads)
Temptation Inside Your Heart (Velvet Underground)

my old kentucky blog posted the first track. it's a song by paul simon called "mother and child reunion."

head over to their place where you can grab the MP3:

oh, here's a little thing i wrote about how/why we did these:

"These songs sound the way they do, because we recorded them with a laptop and one mic. We used mainly acoustic guitars and shakers because that's what we had lying around, and we couldn't make much noise in our apartment anyway. We didn't spend time arranging any of these either. We learned the chords and the lyrics (which was pretty easy because we've heard all these songs hundreds of times), and we played 'em. What you hear at the basis of the recording is generally a first take. Sometimes we added some background vocals or another guitar part here or there, because the songs we were covering had a lot more going on than us, and we were feeling a bit inadequate...You're always fighting a losing battle when you're recording covers, because 99.99% of the time the cover isn't going to be as good the original. Well, for the record, let it be known that none of our covers are as good as the originals. That's part of why we wanted to give all these tracks away for free."

more soon!

the morning benders

Friday, July 11, 2008

show tomorrow in LA- GOOD block party in SF next week!

LA TOMORROW at the Avalon w/ Supergrass. We play 2nd. 8PM. ALL AGES.

SAT JUL 12 2008 7PM DRS

....and next week... our first bay area show in a couple months, and the last one until treasure island. BE THERE PEOPLE!! it's for the GOOD magazine block party, which is a really awesome publication that you should know about if you are/striving to be a conscious person.

next BAY AREA show!!:

the morning benders

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ra ra riot tour dates - we're coming to your city!

hey kiddies,

quite excited to let you all know that we are doing another full US tour come october. this time with the homies in ra ra riot! we have a few more surprise dates for you as well, so if you don't see your city on there, don't get too upset. send us a message and let us know you want us to stop by though, those things really do count...

RA RA dates below and the rest of the dates this month:

Jul 1 2008 8:00P
EL REY THEATRE (w/ we are scientists!) LA, California
Jul 2 2008 8:00P
[rock] the CASBAH (w/ we are scientists) San Diego, California
Jul 3 2008 8:00P
glass house (w/ we are scientists)!!!! Pomona, California
Jul 5 2008 7:00P
Blue Lamp (w/ We Are Scientists and Cut Off Your Hands) Sacramento, California
Jul 8 2008 7:00P
Berbati’s Pan (w/ We Are Scientists and Cut Off Your Hands) Portland, Oregon
Jul 9 2008 7:00P
Neumo’s (w/ We Are Scientists and Cut Off Your Hands) Seattle, Washington
Jul 12 2008 8:00P
Avalon (w/ SUPERGRASS!) Los Angeles, California
Jul 20 2008 1:00P
GOOD Magazine BLOCK PAR-TAY @ 111 Minna SAN FRANCISCO, California
Sep 13 2008 1:45P
MONOLITH @ RED ROCKS!! Morrison, Colorado
Sep 21 2008 12:00P

Sep 29 2008 7:00P
Modified (w/ Ra Ra Riot) Phoenix, Arizona
Sep 30 2008 7:00P
Plush (w/ Ra Ra Riot!@! yea!@) Tucson, Arizona
Oct 2 2008 7:00P
The Loft (w/ Ra Ra RIOT!) Dallas, Texas
Oct 3 2008 7:00P
Stubb’s (w/ Ra Ra Riot) Austin, Texas
Oct 4 2008 7:00P
Rudyards (w/ Ra Ra Riot) Houston, Texas
Oct 7 2008 7:00P
The Social (w/ Ra Ra Riot) Orlando, Florida
Oct 8 2008 7:00P
Club Downunder (w/ Ra Ra Riot) Tallahassee, Florida
Oct 10 2008 7:00P
Drunken UNICORN (w/ Ra Ra Riot!@$) AtlantA, Georgia
Oct 11 2008 7:00P
Local 506 (w/ Ra Ra Riot) Raleigh, North Carolina
Oct 12 2008 7:00P
Black Cat (w/ Ra Ra Riot) washington DC yo, Washington DC
Oct 14 2008 7:00P
Ottobar (w/ Ra Ra Riot) Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 15 2008 7:00P
Johnny Brenda’s (w/ Ra Ra Riot) PHILLY, Pennsylvania
Oct 18 2008 7:00P
Middle East Downstairs (w/ Ra Ra Riot) Boston, Massachusetts
Oct 28 2008 1:00P
UCSB Santa Barbara, California