Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the bedroom covers

ok everyone, here it is. what we're calling the bedroom covers- a free album of covers we did in our apartment. our little thank you to everyone for all the love and support you given us over the last couple of months. a big special thanks to all the blogs who posted tracks this last week, and kyle lee for the beautiful artwork.

...and without further ado, here's the tracklist. you can download the album as a whole below. thanks everyone, we love you all!

the bedroom covers:
1. crying - roy orbison
2. mother and child reunion - paul simon
3. why dont they let us fall in love? - the ronettes
4. lovefool - the cardigans
5. i won't share you - the smiths
6. he's a rebel - the crystals
7. marie - randy newman
8. fools rush in - johnny mercer/rube bloom
9. temptation inside your heart - velvet underground
10. dreams - fleetwood mac
11. pull up the roots - talking heads
12. caroline, no- beach boys remix (bonus track)
12.5 why don't they let us fall in love? (live daytrotter version!)

love yall,
the morning benders