Friday, July 18, 2008

daytrotter, live@lime, myspacetv, GOOD, el rey

hey everyone!

we are knee deep in the bedroom covers, i know. we will keep everyone updated on those. there will be another one posted today on a blog, see if you can find it before i put it up here. on another note, here is some more exciting stuff happening right now.

-our favorite site, daytrotter, posts 5 free songs we did at their studio. check it:

-MyspaceTV featured a video VIMBY made at our puma in-store acoustic show. if you missed that show, this one captures the vibe. here ya go:
myspace tv - vimby video - puma in-store!

-we did a really interesting session at the limewire studio in brooklyn, during the kooks tour. the benders like you've never heard them before!!@#$ you can only get this from limewire, SO check itt:
live @ lime

-the GOOD block party is this weekend (SUNDAY) in sf (see flier below). it's gonna be a happening time, so don't miss out!

-we are coming back to LA in a couple weeks. THE EL REY on August 7th. SEE YOU THERE HOMESLICES!

the morning benders