Monday, January 14, 2008

how to let go

hey kids,

sorry for the lack of activity on here, we were in LA the past week or so. played a show at viper room on monday, beauty bar in san diego on wednesday, and spaceland on thursday. that was our first time playing in san diego, and our friend kari showed us around to all the hot spots. inspiration point, and the 24 hour mexican restaurant where all the crackheads eat. san diego was a lot of fun, but maybe that was since we were hanging out with kari, because i hear san diego sucks. LA was blastastic as usual. thanks to everyone for coming out! it's a joy being able to play more shows in LA, since you can't really play more than once a month in the bay. starting to see some familiar faces out there, which makes us very happy. we also got to take some pics with our homie hadas. hopefully we'll have some of those up soon... at home for a week, then we're heading back out to LA for a couple more shows and to work on some videos. more info on that soon.

onward and upward... i came across this old demo the other day, and since i doubt we are ever going to use it, i thought we'd post it on here. parts of it sort of resurfaced in our song "crosseyed," so you might notice some similarities. i'm going to start posting stuff more on mediafire (is this the best site for doing this?), since files tend to get lost on our ftp.

"how to let go" media fire link:

here's a picture of joe in san diego: