Friday, January 4, 2008

shoot the piano player

i have been listening to these two songs on repeat, and i wanted to share them with you all. i tend to obsess over certain songs and play them on repeat for days on end, and i haven't been able to get these out of my head. they are both from the movie "shoot the piano player" by truffaut (which you all should see if you haven't) and are composed by georges delerue. on a side note, truffaut also did "400 blows," probably my favorite movie ever made, which has a fantastic theme that i will post at some point later on. anyway, the first song posted, "charlie," is the main theme and the 2nd a variation for the finale. i think i actually prefer the finale, it's just too short! when i was at home for the holidays this past week my younger brother was learning this on piano, and because it's pretty involved, he was playing it a lot slower, and i came to like it that way more. it has this great melancholy quality to it when it's slowed down and the changes come out more, which also happens to fit perfectly with the movie. anyway, enough. more songs soon, maybe we'll post a new demo or a cover or something? what would make you all happy?

main theme link "charlie": mediafire
"finale" variation: mediafire