Thursday, February 7, 2008

some of that good stuff

just wanted to post up some cool features/posts people have done in anticipation of our first full length album- talking through tin cans!! we are very excited to get it out there, but in the mean time, peep some of this good stuff:

check out this month's issue of performer for a feature on us. here's the web version, if that's more your steez:

another feature on

"crosseyed" video feature on

#1 most requested on live 105's soundcheck (thanks to everyone for calling in!!): - aaron's blog

...and a bunch more:

THANK YOU so much to everyone for your support! all these sites/blogs have a ton of great music on them, so please check them out, browse around and tell your friends!

the response to "crosseyed" has been really great, and it's just getting us more pumped to get the rest of the music out to you all. soon. be sure to grab the mp3 of "crosseyed" on the post below, if you haven't already, and feel free to repost it wherever you like.

we leave for LA tomorrow morning, so we'll do another post on here when we get back.

be well, friends!

the morning benders