Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First 2 Kooks Shows, MTV News, E! News, Spin "Artist of the Day," LA Times !!

hey kids,

we just got back from playing our first 2 shows on tour with the kooks. it was awesome seeing the four of them again, and we are so so so excited to be doing all these shows together! trying not to get too giddy now...

on sunday we played house of blues, and on monday the wiltern. both shows were awesome. thanks to everyone who came early and rocked out with us. on thursday we leave for vancouver for the rest of the tour. needless to say - we can't wait. here are a couple of pics from the last 2 shows:



here are a couple of things that happened while we were on tour.

we did an interview with John Norris for MTV in SXSW, and it just went up today. peep it:

we were SPIN's band of the day:

we were featured on E! news the other night, in between spots on JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and MADONNA. HAHA. i don't think it's online yet, but my mom TIVO'd it, and that shit was awesome. check it out if you can.

LA times wrote us up the other day, and now it's up online. check that one here:

Boston Globe feature:

big ups to itunes for giving our new album talking through tin cans the indie spotlight last week, to youtube for putting our video of crosseyed up on the front page, and if i haven't made it clear yet, THE KOOKS. those dudes rule.

oh yeah, if you don't have the album yet. GO GET IT. it's on itunes and amazon, and at a store near you. support us, and we will love you forever!!!

more tomorrow!

rock on,
the morning benders