Saturday, June 7, 2008

Photo Blog: Episode III

welcome to the another edition of the benders photo blog. morning benders + middle america = good times... good times.

breakfast chow-down @ JB's restaurant in burley, idaho

chris stumbles across something awful on the world wide web.


yep, jane austen.

we spotted this guy and his wife on the road and felt our collective masculinity diminish.

big sky.

we stopped in this place called phantom fireworks. the entire place was stocked wall to wall with, well, fireworks.

in a moment of weakness, we hesitated and missed this exit.

at lolly's in denver. everyone, meet buddy the dog.

late nite snack sesh!


doing the photo blog.

lolly's bathroom is small but exhibits excellent feng shui.

joe suddenly realizes how difficult it is to be so cool.

you're on.

ogden theatre
sound check at the city market festival in kansas city


death cab for cutie: from behind!

litterbugs, tsk tsk.