Saturday, August 9, 2008

iTunes session, futuresounds, accidental rhyhthm!


we just got back from LA today. thanks to everyone who came out to the gibson show and the el rey show with airborne. that was a ton of fun. we got some cool stuff coming up, check it!

-we're going to be recording at different fur next week for a special iTunes session. it should be a lot of fun. stay tuned for when that is coming out!

-our song "worth the fight" is finally available on the accidental rhythm compilation put together by jason eldredge (kcrw) and jeremy wineberg (invisible dj). check out more on that here:

-check out tank farm's future sounds #32, you'll find a track by us on there. more info here:

-'boarded doors' is on the foundtrack compilation as well. there's a cool ra ra riot track on there, and some other good stuff... check it:

that's all for now folks.

much love,
the morning benders