Wednesday, April 8, 2009



We haven't updated any of our thingies in a while, ye old blog, that good (face)book, tHE SPACE, maybe even TWEETING a little less, etc. we do apologize for this. and i hate to interrupt the silence with even more silence, BUT, there is some pretty god damn exciting stuff happening over here. can't say exactly what YET, but...

we've been working on a new album called BIG ECHO. we are pretty sure we are going to be quite proud of it when it's finished (getting soo close). we have been working on it with a pretty rad/oustanding dude, that we'll talk more about later (here's a hint)...

we're planning trips to some really amazing places, maybe even some we've never been to(?!) **hint hint**

we just found out we are doing some awesome shows with our buddy john vanderslice, he's got an amazing new record coming out that we can't wait to hear live (we suggest you do the same):

5.17.09 The Partisan (w/ John Vanderslice)
5.27.09 Velour (w/ John Vanderslice)
5.28.09 Kilby Court (w/ John Vanderslice)
5.29.09 Hi-Dive (w/ John Vanderslice)

been becoming obsessed with cass mccombs (A is so brilliant). also, been listening to this band GIRLS a lot, they put up some new jams.. can't wait for the record!

more real announcements with cold hard facts later.

the morning benders