Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Echomix 2 / 'Ram On' Paul McCartney (Chill R&B) Cover!

Hey everyone

Here is another Echomix I made while on the road. I think it's more of an Autumn mix this time. I hope you enjoy it. It includes a cover of a kind of R&B-ified 'Ram On' by Paul McCartney. You can download the full mix below and an mp3 of just the cover from the little widget thingy.


Echomix 2

Nino Rota "Amore Per Tuti"
Fur "Polybreak"
Parsley Sound "Ease Yourself and Glide"
R. Kelly "Exit"
Teen Inc. "Fountains"
Paul McCartney "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey"
Jai Paul "BTSTU (Demo)"
The Morning Benders "Ram On (Paul McCartney Cover)"
Four Mints "You're My Desire"
Harry Nilsson "Early In The Morning"

Chris &
The Morning Benders