Sunday, May 6, 2007

oldies but goodies

hello friends,

things have been a bit busy over here. we're hoping to start making posts as much as possible, but holding back a bit right now since we're still getting the word out that we even have a blog. here's what we've been up to:

-friday am: played an acoustic set on KALX
-friday pm: played a show in davis w/ buildings breeding!
-saturday: saw spiderman 3
-sunday am: started bidding on spiderman comics on ebay
-sunday pm: practiced

anyway... we were thinking of cool stuff we could do for this blog, and thought it might be fun to start doing some covers. we'll just be recording these from home, so they'll be in sorta funny arrangements. the first one is a song we have been playing a lot lately, and all love: "crying" by roy orbison. we're probably going to keep making these for fun, so if you guys have any requests/suggestions let us know.

the morning benders - "crying (roy orbison cover)"

a big big love,