Wednesday, May 2, 2007

welcome to gigantic

hello duders. i just got back from a 2 week extravaganza in Japan and it occurred to me at a couple different points during the trip that it might be cool to have a place to post pictures and share various essential informations i may come into contact with. a few seconds shortly after, it occurred to me that maybe it would be cool to have a MORNING BENDERS blog where i could post not only pictures, but maybe even songs (!!!@!@) [or shows?!? (maybe this will even become a tour blog if we were to be so lucky? ([cool bands: take us on tour!])} ??!?] and other great stuff like that. so here it is, a blog called gigantic. seeing as how i just made this blog on a samurai-whim, the other 3 members of our band don't know about it yet. but i think they will post. let's kick it off with an mp3 from our new ep.

boarded doors

ps: we have a release show for that new ep at bottom of the hill, ill post the details and awesome flier soon.

pps: OH, if anyone has any ideas for what this blog should consist/not consist of, please let us know. we are open-eared.


here are a couple pictures from japan, i'll post the rest of the set once i get through them all:

....and an old picture from the last time i was in japan

a big big love,