Thursday, August 30, 2007

funtimes, dp sings

thanks for coming out to our show at bottom of the hill the other night. sorry to those who were turned away, that's the one downside to sold out shows.... seriously, we hate not being able to get everyone in. thanks so much to oh no oh my! and au revoir simone for playing with us. on top of being awesome bands, they were all super cool and friendly. check those dudes/dudettes out if you haven't already

soooo.. here's a picture our friend adrian took:

a couple of our friends took pictures, but we haven't gotten them all back yet. we'll post more pictures once we receive them.

here's a video clip of a new song:

..and a bonus video of dp singing an oldie but goodie!

in other news, our next 2 shows are up on the space. the first one is @

THE ECHO in LA on september 8th, a saturday. this is ALL AGES, unlike our last couple shows in LA. hope to see all you kids out there.

the next show in the bay area is september 13, a thursday, at du nord. this show is also all ages. we are headlining this one, and expect all you kids to be out there.

both shows will be with the deadly syndrome, a sweet band from LA. i just heard them for the first time a couple weeks ago and was thoroughly impressed.

check them out here:

here's the amazing flier: