Saturday, August 18, 2007


as you all know, we've been very busy making a record. in fact, we just got back from NY where we were putting on some finishing touches. we've been so busy actually that we had no time to make a real poster for our show next weekend, and had to steal this one off the internet. pretty silly looking, but hey, it's got han solo on it...

buy tickets for that one on ticketweb if you want to come, they seem to be selling pretty quickly. we play at 9:00 pm. all ages!

we've been busy practicing, a bunch of new songs, and newified old ones. here's a couple videos from our practice space. the first is a clip from the guitar'd out version of 'last today.' the second one is a new song (or about the first 1/3 of a new song) off the new record called 'waiting for a war.' sorry they are so dark, they don't have lights in oakland. well, they have christmas lights. ENJOY!