Wednesday, March 19, 2008

sasquatch musical festival, radio 1 w/ zane lowe!!


we just got back home from SXSW... very tiring, but lots of fun... will give a full update on sxsw soon, but here are a couple pieces of sweet news we got wind of today.

numero uno:

we got added to the sasquatch music festival in washington!! this is pretty amazing. i’ve always wanted to go to the gorge (the venue it’s hosted at) because it looked so beautiful, and now we get to go there and play! hell yeah. the cure is headlining the night we are playing, that’s kind of insane too. tons of great bands are going to be there, check the site for all of them:

numero dos:

we met and talked to an awesome dude named zane lowe after playing a show at sxsw. well... he was nice enough to play one of our songs ("i was wrong") on his radio show on radio 1. how cool is that? check his site here:

more soon,
the morning benders