Wednesday, March 12, 2008


26 hours later and we're in austin, tx. so far the trip has been pretty good. we had a nice drive through the lovely state of new mexico and we also went through arizona but it's all kind of a blur now. ten minutes after getting into texas i was pulled over by a police officer for driving in the left lane and not passing other vehicles but instead sort of just chilling and driving. in texas you need to have a purpose for driving in the left lane and i agree with that and i like them for it. the officer saw i was from california and asked if our van was full of that crazy marijuana since you can get it like strawberry pie over there but i explained to him that we didn't have any and he liked me so we joked about drugs for a little bit and he gave me a warning. then we pulled into austin and crazy Tim shouted "Fuck you!" at these angry bro's and they chased the van so we locked the doors and they left us alone but one of their shirts said, "Trust me, it's big." Besides said angry incident everyone in austin has been really nice. Today we played waiting for a war and damnit Anna on NBC AUSTIN NEWs in between the weather reports and the governor sleeping with prostitutes and updates on sxsw. I've been drawing a lot lately, the first is a picture of julian driving the van and the second is a whale being held up by a kite.

there's supposed to be photos but i don't think anyone's taken any.