Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Photo Blog: Episode I

dear guys, here are some photos from the first few shows of our tour with the kooks! more on the way soon, love tim

chris's mom baked us this fabulous cake before we left.

some of us are a bit sad to go.

cabin fever hasn't set in yet.

this is all this crap i mean gear we have to unload from our van before every show.

this is the house of blues bathroom in san diego. as you can see, there is a tasteful diagonal tile pattern running around the walls.

our beautiful audience at house of blues.

elise prepares for the merch frenzy.

backstage AAAAAH.

we spent the night at rosemary's mom's ranch. joe slept in this thing.

this is not joe. the next day, we drove by a llama farm.

sea of faces at the wiltern in los angeles.

this is the bathroom at the wiltern. notice the bold impression that the black tiles leave. they also create a striking contrast with the urinals.

our green room at the wiltern. they stocked the room with everything we asked for - odwalla juice, clif bars, yerba mate tea, & reese's pieces!

after the show, julian autographed a pita and threw it down to his fans.

the catch!

chris serenades the crowd outside the wiltern.

spending the night at sophie's in seattle (we're going for a new band image, what do you think?)