Sunday, June 1, 2008

Photo Blog: Episode B

hi guys, here are some more pictures from our tour! chris says "viva la vida." joe says "be yourself." julian says "i don't know." pace and love, tim

delicious breakfast at sophie's in seattle.

vancouver, on the way to the commodore ballroom - what a sparkly city.

"what are you looking at, punk?" - chris & joe loiter in the alley behind the commodore

sasquatch festival in george, WA

we shared the wookiee stage w/ what made milwaukee famous, rogue wave, white rabbits, mates of state, and the kooks!

main stage - WUTTAVIEW!

the presidents of the united states of america

the gorge

the water

portland, OR. on the way to the wonder ballroom. we ate at this sweet cafe called tin shed where you can order regular food and dog food!

the bathroom at the wonder ballroom is a cozy little affair complete with a tasteful touch of curtain.

on the way out of oregon, our sound guy fletch went into labor, but luckily agent J (M.I.B.) pulled us over and delivered the baby.

afterward, we all got acquainted and had tea.

stick 'em up!

classic joe expression #163

our new official wallpaper.